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Entry #2

Math Problem

2011-04-13 01:05:43 by Matkingos

48÷2(9+3)=2 No exceptions


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2011-04-13 01:27:22


If it were 48÷(2(9+3)) THEN it would be 2

If you're in doubt grab any good calculator, or elementary math book and check it

(Updated ) Matkingos responds:

I dislike the condescending tone you used here, The obelus or division symbol or ÷, does not mean divide, it is actually a representation of the action of division. What do I mean by this?

Division is actually just a non-simplified fraction (Ex: ½= .5). The obelus merely states on what side the integers (numbers) should go. Everything on the left side of the Obelus should be in the numerator (top part of the fraction), while everything on the right side is in the denominator (bottom part of the fraction).

So this makes our equation into something totally different

Now the equation is how it is supposed to look without a stupid obelus confusing us. You can tackle this equation in two different ways, you can solve the denominator and simplify the fraction. Or you can cancel the 2 and the 48, solve the denominator, and simplify the fraction. Both answers will give you 2.

This is why the obelus should be banned from being taught in school, all it does is confuse people. If division was taught to students to be nothing more than fractions it would make math less ambiguous, and make these sort of arguments non-existent.


2011-12-22 14:05:18

Yes, yes you're right.